2015 - USS Milius Visit

USS Milius makes donation to Karidat via Chamber of Commerce

June 5, 2015 - At the dock, members of the crew for USS Milius offloaded boxes of supplies for donation to a local charity.  The donation was facilitated by the Saipan Chamber of Commerce.  Lauri Ogumoro and Rose Masayos, from the local women’s shelter (Guma Esperansa), were on hand to accept the donations of clothing and personal items.  The vessel had stores of items explicitly to donate to the communities at various stops on their long journey.
The USS Milius arrived in Saipan on June 4.  At the on-board meeting, Saipan Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jill Arenovski offered to set up any community relations (COMREL) for the vessel’s crew while they are in port.  Lt. Jonathan Litzenberger requested some sporting activities and also offered some supplies for donation.  Lauri Ogumoro was delighted to accept the donations for the women’s shelter and will share with the Salvation Army and the Sisters at Maturana (who care for the elderly and bed-ridden nuns).  “The items will be put to good use,” says Ogumoro.  Chamber Executive Director was “happy to facilitate this donation which will benefit the residents of our island who are in most need.”
The vessel (DDG-69) is under the command of Captain Michael Rak and was last in Saipan in July 2000.  The 300+ personnel enjoyed the beauty and warmth of Saipan throughout the weekend.  Other COMREL arranged by the Saipan Chamber of Commerce included a welcome reception on Friday evening at Club C and a soccer game on Sunday morning at Ada field.