2017 Task & Time Management

Saipan Chamber of Commerce & Island Training Solutions 
"Task & Time Management" training seminar - June 15, 2017 

        The Saipan Chamber of Commerce and Island Training Solutions "Task & Time Management" training seminar was a huge success. The seminar was held on Thursday, June 15, 2017 from 9am-12pm in the SCC Conference Room.

Jim Arenovski of Island Training Solutions provided the participants with useful tips, valuable information, and encouragement. His high-energy and humorous presentation set the tone for the seminar.

Participants also enjoyed light refreshments: an assortment of sandwiches, brownies, coffee, and water. Certificates and giveaways were presented at the end of each seminar. 

We would like to thank the following companies for taking the extra step by investing in their employees. We commend you! 

ASC Trust Corporation, CNMI Public School System, Commonwealth Development      Authority(CDA), Commonwealth Utilities Corporation (CUC), D&Q Saipan, J.C. Tenorio Enterprises, Kan Pacific Saipan Ltd., LSG Lufthansa Service Saipan, Inc., Marianas Business Plaza, Marianas Pacific Distributors Inc., and Saipan Shipping Company, Inc.

 Thank you!


The Saipan Chamber of Commerce proudly presents...

“Task & Time Management”, the second in the “Customer Service Excellence” series of workshops for 2017 in partnership with Jim Arenovski of Island Training Solutions. This seminar will take place at the Saipan Chamber of Commerce Conference Room (Marianas Business Plaza, 3rd Floor, Suite #315) on June 15, 2017 from 9:00am to 12:00pm. 

During this training seminar, participants will learn to establish goals and communicate effectively to meet deadlines, to learn effective techniques to increase productivity, and to design a personal time management system that works best for themselves and their team. 

Effective time management is the key to getting the most out of each day’ and to surviving the increased business pressure brought about by our island’s economic changes and growth. From managing emails to juggling time spent on multiple projects, this “Task & Time Management” training seminar will help attendees attain skills to balance home and work, to help rethink and reprioritize on a moment’s notice.  This seminar is geared toward all levels of employment from front line staff to supervisors, managers, and owners. With the increase of business development on our island, we are experiencing competition in finding sufficient workers for our businesses. It pays to invest in yourself by attending training to enhance your skills and efficiency!

Registration fee is $50 per person for Chamber members and $55 per person for non-members.  Light refreshments are included.  Reservations and advance payment are required, as seating is limited.  To register, please call 670-234-7150 or email us at coordinator@saipanchamber.com.