2017 Corporate Challenge

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The 2017 annual Corporate Challenge was held on Sunday, May 28, 2017 at Minatchom Atdao in Susupe. Nine company teams went head to head to compete for the coveted title of Corporate Challenge Champions. The teams that competed were: “Delta Force”- Delta Management, Hyatt Regency Saipan, Fiesta Resort & Spa, Marianas Pacific Distributors, Inc., “Team IPI” –Imperial Pacific, “Monster Gators”- Pacific Trading Company, “The Black Mambas”- Kanoa Resort, “Team Blue”- IT&E, and The Shack Saipan.

The day started off with the “Company Jingle" where each team performed an original dance and song that exemplified their company’s mission. Hyatt Regency Saipan performed an original Rap-style song with a choreographed dance earning them “Best Dance”. The second game was a series of three minute-to-win-it games: “Bottle Flip”, “Puzzled”, and “Marshmallow Lift”. Each game required a pair from each team to work together in a battle against the clock for the fastest time. Using concentration, teamwork, and haste, The Shack Saipan sped through the games earning them the title of “Smartest Team”. The third game was an intense four rounds where each team competed in a game of Tug-O-War. One by one, each team fell by the wayside as “The Black Mambas”-Kanoa Resort, “Team Blue”- IT&E, and “Team IPI”-Imperial Pacific, rose to the top. The final round was between “Team Blue” and “Team IPI” where “Team IPI” overpowered “Team Blue” giving them the title of “Strongest Team”. The fourth and final game was an intense five-part obstacle course. Each team tackled the obstacle course impressively, but the fastest team to complete the course was “Delta Force”- Delta Management, earning them the title of “Quickest Team”. Other awards that were given were “Best Dressed” and “Best Tent”. “Best Dressed” was awarded to “Delta Force” Delta Management. Their shirts represented their company and was very distinguishable. “Best Tent” was awarded to Corporate Challenge rookie “The Shack Saipan”. Their tent resembled their establishment perfectly and represented their company’s stance on “all-natural” beauty.

The “Spirit Award” went to the team with the highest scores for the Jingle, Tent Decoration, and Company Uniform. It was awarded to “Delta Force”-Delta Management. Delta Management’s ingenious tent decorations gave them the edge over last year’s winners “Hyatt Regency Saipan”. The overall 1st and 2nd place winners went to the teams with the highest scores in both games and spirit portion. Fiesta Resort & Spa won overall 2nd place for the second year in a row! And finally, the 1st place winners for the 2017 Saipan Chamber of Commerce Corporate Challenge are Marianas Pacific Distributors, Inc. MarPac was consistent in all aspects of the competition.