2016 Career Exploration Day

The Saipan Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual Career Exploration Day on December 07, 2016 at the Royal Taga A, World Resort. Many private and pub lic High school juniors and seniors registered for the event. Registered students chose a field of business in thier interest and were paired with a participating Chamber member business. This event is a unique opportunity that will give students a hands-on experience in the workplace with a chance to “shadow” private-sector business leader for a half day. The Chamber hopes that this experience will help students decide what field of work or education they would like to pursue in the future. Students were recognized by our Chamber members at the December General Membership Meeting. 

Saipan Chamber of Commerce welcomed (3) new Coordinators for a day! 

The Chamber would like to extend its sincerest thanks to the participating companies:

AC Pacific DBA I love Saipan

Burger, Comer, & Magliari

Calvo's Insurance

Chong's Corporation

CTSI Logistics

D& Q Saipan

DFS Limited

Fiesta Resort & Spa

First Hawaaian Bank

Friends First Marketing

Hyatt Regency Saipan 


JC Tenorio Enterprises 

Lao Lao Bay Golf Course 

Marianas Business Plaza

Marianas Visitors Authority

Marianas Pacific Distributors, Inc. 

N15 Architects

No Ka Oi- Pest Control 

Northern Marinas College

Pacific Insurance Underwriters, Inc. 

Paradise Dental Center

POI Aviation

Century Tours 

Saipan Tribune 

Xerox Corporation