2015 Scholarship Recipients

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During the June General Membership Meeting, the Education Committee hosted the annual awarding of the Chamber Scholarships. This year a total of nine (9) scholarships were awarded. Four (4) High School students, one (1) college student, and one (1) vocational student, all received $2,000 each.  Three (3) $500 scholarships awarded to students who participated in the PSS Cooperative Education Training program and worked one semester in the Chamber office as part of this learning experience.   

High School Student Scholarship Awardees:

The four (4) High School students receiving $2,000 to the educational institution of their choice were: Nicole Arenovski (University of Nevada, Reno), Maria Fe Andrea Lazaro (University of Washington), Katrina Punzalon (University of Washington) and Minori Yoshida (Barnard College).

Shirley Sablan (left) and scholarship awardee Nicole Arenovski (right)                                                                               Vicky Benavente and father of scholarship awardee Maria Fe Andrea Lazaro


Vicki Izuka (left) with scholarship awardee Minori Yoshida (right)                                                                                            Scholarship awardee Katrina Punzalon (left) with Alex Sablan (right) 

College Student Scholarship Awardee: Riya Nathrani (NMC)

Vicki Izuka (left) and scholarship awardee Riya Nathrani (right)

Vocational Student Scholarship Awardee: Donovan Castro (NMTI)

Andrew Ashburn (left) with scholarship awardee Donovan Castro (right)

Participants in PSS Program - Scholarship Awardees:

(From left to right) Alex Sablan, Patrishia Echavez, Mary Fem Urena, Jill Arenovski, and Riczi John Cano