2018 Excelling in Professional Relationships

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2018 "Excelling in Professional Relationships" Training Seminar

The “Excelling in Professional Relationships” training seminar was held on July 19, 2018 at the SCC Conference Room. Both morning and afternoon sessions were filled. In this seminar, participants learned  how one’s attitude, words, and actions help or hinder a relationship, how to better manage relationships by negotiating the needs of others, and how to improve skills to help others increase capabilities. Presenter Jim Arenovski shared entertaining examples and easily implementable tips making the training a fun and educational experience. If you are interested in signing up for future trainings, please contact coordinator@saipanchamber.com or call (670) 234-7150.

Excelling in Professional Relationships" Training
PM Session Group Photo
"Excelling in Professional Relationships" Training
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Jenypy Sambile, HR Specialst
Lao Lao Bay Golf & Resort
"Excelling in Professional Relationships" training participant


What did you like about this seminar?

"I enjoyed the useful information presented. Not all the time employers are aware of how "emotions" can be a trigger at work. This seminar enhanced my knowledge on emotional intelligence, professional relationships, and effective relationship management."

Would you recommend this seminar? Why?

"I would definitely recommend this training to all employers in the CNMI. I believe it will greatly affect positive relationship building in a workplace and beneficial in our everyday lives."




Abbie Jane Battung, Business Services Specialist
Aon Insurance Micronesia (CNMI)
"Excelling in Professional Relationships" training participant


What information was valuable to your learning?

"The most interesting information I received is that your emotions control your environment and the more you manage your emotions, the more you are able to manage your day. This seminar was valuable to me because when dealing with insurance there are people that get unhappy and confused, causing the situation to get emotional."