2014 Corporate Challenge

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IT&E & T Galleria/DFS

The theme for 2014's Corporate Challenge was "Celebrating Our Workforce". 

The event was held at Minachom Atdao on Sunday, May 25, with a total of eleven company teams participating.  Great breezes and beautiful weather cooled the tough competitors.  Teams from Commonwealth Utilities Corporation, Coca-Cola, Triple J (two teams), Hyatt Regency, DFS Galleria, Marpac, Fiesta Hotel, IT&E, Delta Management and G4S competed to earn bragging rights and fabulous prizes.

The event began with a new twist for this year’s theme of Celebrating the Workforce.  Each team was invited to sing/dance a jingle to best represent their company.  Delta Management amused the crowd with a song and dance pantomiming windshield wiping, gasoline fill-ups and great customer service. . .all in a day’s work at Shell gasoline stations.   Coca-Cola showed their unstoppable spirit with cheerleaders, pompoms, and props.  IT&E sang clever lyrics to the tune of the ever-popular YMCA by Village People.  And Hyatt line-danced, took “selfies” and invited bystanders to join in and shake it!  These four teams were top scorers for the first event.

The second event was an annual favorite:  the tug-of-war, which had CUC and G4S flexing their mighty muscles for the final round.   In honor of the theme, each team answered questions in the third event, “Corporate Feud”, by trying to guess the most popular answer to random questions in similar fashion to the television game show Family Feud.  The final event was an Obstacle Relay Race which took each team through the fields of medical work, waitressing, office work and banking while wearing hard hats to run the course.  Laughter and fun was enjoyed by all!

Most teams brought family and friends to help cheer them on throughout the event and to join in their barbeques and relaxation between games.  Team DFS took first place with 77 total points, their first win ever!  DFS had a strong showing in all four events, and the dancing SaiPanda took center stage in their dance routine.  Marian Pierce said, “We’re delighted to have our very first win after so many years of participating!!”   IT&E provided close competition in 2nd place with 75 points, and Delta Management’s dance/jingle won the Spirit Award.   Each of the winning teams received a large box of goodies and gift certificates, all donated by member businesses.

Team and raffle prizes were donated by Coca-Cola, D&Q, Hyatt Regency, Kanoa Resort, Docomo Pacific, Fiesta Resort and Spa, IT&E, Pacific Islands Club, Marpac, Xerox, and Pacific Trading Company.  Special thanks to G4s for providing security service for the event area after tent set-up on Saturday and to KKMP/Gary Sword for providing the sound system and music for the entire day.

Deep gratitude goes to First Hawaiian Bank, Saipan Shipping Company, Bridge Capital LLC, and Pacific Islands Club for donating entry fees even though their companies were not able to participate in the day’s events.