2014 Social Media Workshop

September's Business Seminar: "Social Media Workshop"

The Saipan Chamber of Commerce held its monthly workshop on the 16th of September from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon at the Marianas Business Plaza. The three-hour workshop focused on social media and its role in finding new customers, updating existing customers regarding promotions and events, and enhancing the effectiveness of the businesses on island. Local experts discussed about the trending topics on social media and the benefits of using this tool.

Social media is changing the way we conduct business -from selling to connecting with your audience, from large campaigns to small acts, from controlling the message to transparency, and from hard-to-reach to available everywhere. More businesses than ever are devoting an increasing amount of resources into social media marketing. How can one determine whether those efforts are successful? Our guest speakers not only tackled the ins and outs of networking using social media as a tool, but also discussed some key information to help businesses achieve their goals.