2015 Meetings and Newsletters



     General Membership Meeting - December 2, 2015

     Sand Castle - Hyatt Regency Saipan

     Guest Speakers:

     1. PCF- Jaqueline Che, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, NMC

     2. PCF- Vicent J. Seman, General Counsel, Century Insurance Group

     3. PCF - Matt De Leon Guerrero, Chief of Staff for Acting Governor Torres

                                                                   4. SYP - Tyrell Pauling, Director  of Food and Beverage, Hyatt Regency Saipan

  (In Photo - starting from left): Ty Pauling, Matt De Leon Guerrero, Vince Seman, and Jackie Che.

December 2015 Newsletter


     General Membership Meeting - November 4, 2015

     Sand Castle - Hyatt Regency Saipan

     Guest Speakers:

     Colonel Michael Cordoza - Col, USAF Chief, Strategy and Plans Division  Headquarters, Pacific Air Forces

     Jenny Hegland - Director, CNMI C.A.R.E.





(In Photo) :   Colonel Michael Cardoza 

November 2015 GMM Newsletter

General Membership Meeting – October 7, 2015

Seaside Hall - Kanoa Resort

Guest Speakers:

Weston Deleon Guerrero - Acting Building Code Official, CNMI Department of Public Works

Susan Langhoff - Assistant External Affairs Officer, Private Sector Division, Federal Emergency Management Agency

John Synnott - Hazard Mitigation Branch Director, Federal Emergency Management Agency

Glen Hunter - Member, Community Outreach Recovery Effort





(In Photo - starting from left): Glen Hunter, Geri Willis, Susan Langhoff, and John Synnott

October 2015 GMM Newsletter

DPW's Community Outreach Presentation

FEMA's "Don't Let a Disaster Put You Out of Business" flyer

FEMA's "Every Business Should Have a Plan" brochure

FEMA's "Ready Business" PowerPoint Presentation

Ready Business "What are the Costs?" flyer

General Membership Meeting – September 2, 2015

Taga Hall - Saipan World Resort

Guest Speakers:

Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan

Stephen DeBlasio - Federal Coordinating Officer, Federal Emergency Management Agency

William Koontz - Public Information Officer, U.S. Small Business Administration







(In Photo): Stephen DeBlasio (top), William Koontz (bottom left), and Congressman Kilili Sablan (bottom right)

September 2015 GMM Newsletter

**No August General Membership meeting due to Typhoon Soudelor**

General Membership Meeting – July 1, 2015

Charley's Cabaret - Pacific Islands Club

Guest Speakers:

John Reigel (Acting Executive Director) & Matthew Yaquinto (Chief Financial Officer), Commonwealth Utilities Corporation

Wayne Gillespie (Pastor), Salvation Army







(In Photo): Wayne Gillespie, John Reigel, and Matthew Yaquinto

July 2015 GMM Newsletter

General Membership Meeting – June 2, 2015

Hibiscus Hall - Fiesta Resort & Spa

2015 Saipan Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Awards

2015 Saipan Young Professionals Logo Contest Awards

2015 Corporate Challenge Trophy Presentation



(In Photo): 2015 SCC Scholarship Recipients Joined By Their Families

June 2015 GMM Newsletter

General Membership Meeting – May 6, 2015

Taga Hall - Saipan World Resort

Guest Speakers:

Esther Muna - Chief Executive Officer, Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation

David Attao - Dean of Administration and Resource Development, Northern Marianas College





(In Photo): David Attao and Esther Muna

May 2015 GMM Newsletter

General Membership Meeting – April 1, 2015

Hibiscus Hall, Fiesta Resort & Spa

Guest Speakers:

Gil San Nicolas, former Secretary of Labor

Rita Sablan, PSS Commissioner




(In Photo): Gil San Nicolas, Dave Attao, & Department of Labor Staff

General Membership Meeting – March 4, 2015

Pacific Islands Club - Charley's Cabaret

Guest Speakers:

Mr. Alfonis Sound - Director of Central Statistics, Department of Commerce

Oscar Camacho - Loan Manager, Commonwealth Development Authority


(In Photo): Alfonis Sound 

Click here to download the "2014 Prevailing Wage Workforce Assessment Study Progress" Presentation

March 2015 GMM Newsletter

General Membership Meeting – February 4, 2015

Hyatt Regency - Sand Castle

Guest Speakers:

Lieutenant Governor Ralph DLG. Torres

Jim Arenovski - Island Training Solutions









(In Photo): Lt. Gov. Ralph DLG. Torress (left) & 2015 SCC President Alex Sablan (right)

Click here to download the "2015 Hospitality Expo" Flyer

February 2015 GMM Newsletter