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Saipan Young Professionals (SYP)

Our Mission:

Inspire, network, and engage young professionals to influence positive change and foster growth that will shape the future of the Marianas.

Our Purpose:

To network with young professionals, mentor students, promote and provide resources for professional development, engage in community activities and events, and inspire young professionals to BE the difference.

Our Goal:

To embrace an inclusive and powerful definition of professionalism and leadership that drives civic and cultural responsibility and community service.

Core Values:

We believe that professionalism and leadership are not tied to a position; rather, it is about a disposition. If you are driven to perform a task with the utmost excellence and understand that your work affects the lives of others, then you are a professional.

If you are sensitive to the need for change and are willing to commit your talents and invest your time to see the change take its shape, you are a leader.

As life brings about opportunities to participate, we commit to remain inclusive, authentic, and humble throughout the process, supporting those who will labor alongside.


Our Committed Network:

We benefit from the direct support of the Saipan Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber features the largest association of professionals from leading businesses, government agencies, and organizations. This provides the opportunity to access a wealth of resources, learn from experiences stakeholders, and participate as we labor together to make a positive impact in our island community.




The SYP Advantage:

The possibilities are endless...

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Contact the Saipan Chamber of Commerce Office at (670) 234-7150 or e-mail administrator@saipanchamber.com