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Saipan Young Professionals met on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 360 Restaurant to celebrate our recent accomplishments and sharing ideas for the next line of events. 2017 is loaded with so much potential! We're extremely thankful for the amazing support we receive from the Saipan Chamber and our mentors. We encourage you to join our team!




  1. Opportunity to Network
    • We'll give you the opportunity to build your network through fun events like mixers! This is a great way to connect with Young Professionals just like you!
  2. Personal and Professional Growth
    • Get advice and tips from today's leaders through our monthly inspirational speaking engagements. Each month, we'll give you the opportunity to continue learning about different topics, fields, and more!
  3. Give Back to the Community
    • We'll give you the opportunity to give back to the community through projects that are important like educational assistance through mentoring programs or beautification projects to enhance our environment. We'll work together to promote social responsibility among young professionals!
  4. Opportunity to Foster Your Ideas
    • We'll be an outlet for you to share ideas on important topics that are happening today or that may affect our future. We'll work together to identify problems and help create solutions that will influence positive change for our island.
  5. Connect with the Saipan Chamber of Commerce
    • By joining SYP, you'll have access to attend the General Membership Meetings or Seminars hosted by the Saipan Chamber of Commerce. You'll also have the opportunity to utilize business resources as well as connect with experienced business professionals from various fields!


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