Corporate Challenge

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Each year the Chamber hosts a Corporate Challenge event.  For many years, it has been a corporate team challenge enjoyed by more than a dozen Chamber member companies. The full day of games, exercises and competitions enhances the team work of each participating company.  Sharing barbeque, food, stories and tips is what makes this day extra special.  The perpetual trophy and prizes are awarded to the winners at day's end.  Proceeds from this event go toward the various programs offered by the Chamber such as the annual college scholarships, the high school workshop, Career Exploration Day, and the monthly training seminars.  More information on our programs can be found under the Events and Programs tab.


  First place winner: Marianas Pacific Distributors, Inc. 

  Second place winner: Fiesta Resort & Spa 

  Spirit award: Delta Management 

  Strongest Team: Imperial Pacific 

  Quickest Team: Delta Management 

  Smartest Team: The Shack Saipan 

  Best in Dance: Hyatt Regency Saipan 

  Best in Tent: The Shack Saipan 

  Best Dressed: Delta Management 


  First place winner:  Imperial Pacific

  Second place winner:  Fiesta Resort & Spa

  Spirit award:  Hyatt Regency Saipan


  Spirit Award:  Hyatt Regency Saipan


  Spirit Award:  Delta Management Corporation


  Spirit Award:  Coca-Cola Beverage Co. Micronesia


  Spirit Award:  Coca-Cola Beverage Co. Micronesia


  Spirit Award:  Coca-Cola Beverage Co. Micronesia


  First place winner:  Pacific Islands Club


  First place winner:  Pacific Trading Company


  First place winner:  Mariana Express Lines Ltd.


  First place winner:  Bank of Guam


  First place winner:  Hard Rock Cafe Saipan


Last Updated 12/28/2017