Current Military Discounts

Military Discounts

The Saipan Chamber of Commerce welcomes all United States and Foreign Military forces that choose Saipan as their liberty destination. 

If you are currently on your way to Saipan you can contact some of our members directly and plan your holiday before you get here. Saipan Chamber of Commerce members have extended discounts on products and services to all United States military personnel holding a valid military identification card. 

The Marianas Visitors Authority also provides important information on special events and special member discounts for military personnel. Please contact the Marianas Visitors Authority  for their special member list. 

If you would like to know more about the assistance that our office can provide you during your stay on our island, please contact the Saipan Chamber of Commerce with your questions and comments. We will do our best to make you feel welcome and assist you with your request. 

Military ID required to avail to these discounts for the year 2017: 

We live in a military-friendly community, do not hesitate to ask if the establishment you are visiting offers a military discount.