2017 Meetings and Newsletters


February 08, 2017- General Membership Meeting                    

Sandcastle, Hyatt Regency Saipan

Guest Speakers:

1. Colonel Michael Cardoza, United States Air Force

2. Attorney William Fife, Micronesian Legal Services Corporation                          

Micronesian Legal Services Corporation Presentation

February General Membership Meeting Newsletter

March 08, 2017- General Membership Meeting                    

Charley's Cabaret- Pacific Islands Club

Guest Speakers:

1. Vince Castro, Executive Director of Kagman Community Health Center 

2. Katherine Elstun, MD Kagman Community Health Center

Kagman Community Health Center Presentation                    

March General Membership Meeting Newsletter 

April 05, 2017- General Membership Meeting                    

Seaside Hall- Kanoa Resort 

Guest Speakers:

1. Oscar Camacho, Loan Manager- Commonwealth Development Authority

2. Jenny Hegland, Director- Commonwealth Advocates for Recovery Efforts  

April General Membership Meeting Newsletter                        

May 03, 2017- General Membership Meeting                    

Hibiscus Hall, Fiesta Resort 

Guest Speakers:

1. Jim Arenovski- Island Training Solutions

2. Leila Staffler- Kagman High School Principal

    Grace Iriarte- Kagman High School Senior & Million Dollar Scholar

Million Dollar Scholars Presentation 

3. TaAnn Kabua and Jacky Mendiola- CNMI Drug Court 

CNMI Drug Court Presentation 

May General Membership Meeting Newsletter 


From left to right: Cathryn Javier, Rosalyn Ajoste, Kristal Johnson, and Glen Hunter

June 07, 2017- General Membership Meeting 

Royal Taga A, World Resort 

Guest Speakers: 

1. Cathryn Javier- 2016 Scholarship Recipient 

2. Rosalyn Ajoste- Saipan Southern High School Librarian & SYP Member 

3. Glen Hunter- The Shack, Owner & SYP Mentor

4. Kristal Ann Johnson- 2016 Koblerville Elementary School Teacher of the Year & SYP 

June General Membership Meeting Newsletter 


From left to right: Josephine Mesta
(Director of HR for Hyatt Regency Saipan),
Josephine Tudela (Admin & Operations Manager for OVR),
and Arlene Yamagata (Director of OVR)
Marian Aldan-Pierce, District President of DFS
and Board Member of NMBAC

















July 05, 2017- General Membership Meeting 

Fiesta Resort- Hibiscus Hall

Guest Speakers: 

1. Marian Aldan- Pierce- District President of DFS and Board member of Northern Marianas Business Alliance Council (NMBAC)

NMBAC Presentation

2. Arlene Yamagata- Director of the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

   Josephine Mesta- Hyatt Regency Saipan Director of Human Resources and OVR Member

OVR Presentation

July General Membership Meeting Newsletter 



August 02, 2017- General Membership Meeting 

Charley's Cabaret- Pacific Islands Club

Guest Speakers: 

1. Bobby Shringi- Chairman of the Guam Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors 

2. Christopher A. Concepcion- Managing Director of Marianas Vistors Authority 

Marianas Visitors Authority Presentation 

August General Membership Meeting Newsletter