H-1B Visa Seminar

Shirley Dotts, Director of Human Resource Management at IT&E, has completed a number of these applications and has agreed to share some tips based on her professional experience regarding some items you should consider in the process. What this session offered were general information about application and processes of getting an H1-B Visa, what you need to consider prior to beginning the process, and the importance of a well-drafted letter. Since the CW-1 cap has already been reached, business owners continued to explore other options to retain their valued employees.  The process can be costly and appears overwhelming to many smaller businesses. This session helped people decide if this visa is a reasonable option for them to pursue.

Processing an H1B Visa

I-129           I-129 Instructions

ET 9035     ET 9035 Instructions

Private Wage Survey

Foreign Labor Certification Data Center

Sample - FLC wage for Electrical Engineer