2017 - USS Lake Champlain Visit

The Saipan Chamber of Commerce welcomes the USS Lake Champlain to Saipan!

The vessel (CG-57) is a Ticonderoga-class cruiser in the United States Navy, with 432 crew members. They arrived Saipan on February 10, 2017. It was the first time for this ship to visit our island. 

Watching Saipan Marine vessels guide the USS Lake Champlain into our port.
In Photo: From Left to Right, Ambyth Shipping Representatives: Raquel; Marlon Punzalan; Chamber Executive Director, Jill Arenovski; Veterans Affairs Office, Jen Deleon Guerrero; VFW Saipan Post 3457, Michael O'Kelley; Chamber Administrator, Mercilynn Palec


Welcome reception at Godfathers Bar for the USS Lake Champlain.
Thank you to Chaplain Grant and his crew for giving some of their time to the students at SDA School. What a great learning experience.



Thank you Chaplain Grant and his crew for visiting with the Manamko'. Our Manamko' serenaded and danced with the sailors and also enjoyed a few games of bingo.